Wounds that don’t heal put the patient at high risk of complications, pain, infection, and in some cases, even amputation or death. It’s important to find an experienced healthcare team to manage your case and promote healing of your chronic wound to avoid serious complications. The providers at Van Nuys Urgent Care Family Medicine in Van Nuys, California, have extensive experience in the treatment of wounds that don’t heal on their own.

Wound Care Q & A

What is a Chronic Wound?

Chronic wounds are areas of open skin that fail to progress through healing. The result is raw, open skin for extended periods of time. These wounds don’t respond to traditional treatment and can last for months or even years without expert medical intervention.

What Contributes to the Development of a Chronic Wound?

While some factors are known, researchers are working hard to learn more. The more we know about the causes of wounds that fail to heal, the better the outcomes for each patient we treat.

Known causes include:

  • Poor blood supply to the area, which is especially prevalent in diabetics
  • Infection in the bone and/or tissue surrounding the wound
  • Malnutrition or lack of adequate vitamins and minerals to support healing
  • Underlying illnesses that weaken the body’s ability to heal
  • Extended pressure on the area of the wound
  • Previous radiation exposure to the area of the wound

What Happens During Wound Care Appointments?

There are four general objectives each time you report for a wound care appointment:

  1. To examine and evaluate the wound for progress or changes
  2. To provide treatment
  3. To determine the efficacy of the treatment administered and revise the treatment plan if necessary
  4. To educate and instruct you on wound care at home

These are all done in the doctor’s office during your visit.

How are Chronic Wounds Treated?

Treatment varies depending on the patient’s medical history and the presentation of the wound. Many people are involved in a successful chronic wound treatment plan. Generally speaking, successful wound care includes treating the infection if one exists, debriding the wound (removing dead tissue), improving blood flow to the area and avoiding pressure on the wound. Dietary and lifestyle changes can also help. Call or schedule an appointment online at Van Nuys Urgent Care Family Medicine to get expert care for your wound.