Ultrasound technology can be life-saving for patients. It provides a safe, non-invasive look at the delicate structures inside your body to identify, diagnose or rule-out conditions. Ultrasounds are most well-known for their important role in monitoring fetal progress during pregnancy. The providers at Van Nuys Urgent Care Family Medicine offer ultrasound on-site for your convenience and timely diagnosis and treatment. To learn more about ultrasound, contact us today.

Ultrasound Q & A

What is an Ultrasound?

Ultrasound uses sound waves to produce an image of soft tissue, which can’t be visualized through X-ray. This allows healthcare providers to look at tendons, muscles and soft tissues throughout the body in great detail.

When is Ultrasound Used?

Ultrasound is used in many indications:

  • Obstetrics – routine monitoring of the progression of fetal development and pregnancy
  • Cardiology – close examination of the heart and blood vessels throughout the body
  • Abdomen – evaluation of the liver, pancreas, gall bladder, kidneys, prostate, bladder, ovaries, and uterus
  • Thyroid – confirmation of nodules, tumors, and growths
  • Joints – evidence of fluid or cysts in the joint

What Risks are Associated with Ultrasound?

There are no known risks; ultrasound is very safe.

What Can Patients Do to Prepare for Their Ultrasound Appointment?

Unlike some tests, ultrasound appointments don’t usually require preparation. For certain tests, you may be asked to refrain from eating and drinking before the test. For pregnancy ultrasounds, you may be asked to arrive with a full bladder.

Can the Technician Share Results During the Test?

Ultrasound technicians are qualified to conduct the ultrasound, but not to analyze the findings or discuss the results with you. For this reason, the ultrasound technician will always tell you that he or she cannot share results; this isn’t a cause for alarm. The ultrasound must be read by a radiologist, who will share his or her findings with your family medicine provider. Once your provider receives the results, they’ll share them with you. In some cases, additional testing may be required to either confirm or rule out a diagnosis.

Does Insurance Cover Ultrasounds?

In most cases, yes. Insurance companies generally cover medically necessary ultrasounds. However, every insurance policy is unique, so it’s important that you review the details of your plan in advance.

Does Van Nuys Urgent Care Family Medicine Offer Ultrasound In-House?

Yes. If you need an ultrasound, both your appointment and ultrasound can be completed at Van Nuys Urgent Care Family Medicine. In some cases, you may have to return on another day for your ultrasound due to scheduling restraints or preparation instructions (i.e. fasting before the ultrasound).