Family medicine providers are an essential component of your healthcare team; not only are they able to care for all members of your family, but they can diagnose and treat both acute and chronic conditions affecting any system. Additionally, they focus on prevention and wellness to help you prevent illness before it occurs. To find out how a family medicine doctor or nurse practitioner might change the way you view healthcare, contact the qualified team at Van Nuys Urgent Care Family Medicine in Van Nuys, California, today.

Family Medicine Q & A

What Conditions Can Family Practice Providers Diagnose and Treat?

Family medicine providers are trained and experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting any part of the body. This includes:

  • Fractures, sprains, strains, pulled muscles, tendonitis and other muscle/joint injuries
  • Ear infections, eye infections, sinus problems, rhinitis, and colds
  • Gynecological conditions, sexually transmitted diseases, and other infections or sexual problems
  • Hormonal deficiencies, imbalances, and thyroid disease
  • Respiratory infections, COPD, asthma, bronchitis, coughs, and influenza
  • Dermatology conditions, such as rashes, hives, suspicious moles and acne
  • High blood pressure, heart disease, and high cholesterol
  • Mental illness including depression and anxiety
  • And nearly any acute or chronic condition you may suffer from

What is the Family Practitioner’s Role in Your Healthcare?

Your family practitioner has both a proactive and reactive role in your care. He or she aims to promote your ongoing health and wellness through active screening and patient education designed to prevent illness from occurring. He or she is also ready to spring into action when you become ill or suffer an injury, strategizing for your complete recovery through safe and effective treatment.

What if I Need to be Hospitalized?

The providers at Van Nuys Urgent Care Family Medicine have admitting privileges at local facilities to ensure continuity of care for their patients.

What are the Benefits of Establishing Care with a Family Medicine Provider?

There are multiple benefits to working with a family medicine provider:

  • They can care for you throughout your life cycle, which means they know you personally and have an intimate knowledge of your medical and personal history
  • They can care for your spouse and children, giving them a thorough understanding of your family situation and providing maximum convenience for you
  • They can diagnose and treat any condition you present with
  • They’re dedicated to the prevention of disease rather than treatment alone

How Often Should a Preventive Exam Be Scheduled?

Preventive exams, often called physicals, are recommended annually. Because many life-limiting illnesses don’t present symptoms that are noticeable, an annual physical allows your doctor or nurse practitioner to review your lab values and identify risk factors or problems as early as possible. This allows treatment to begin immediately, improving your long-term outcome.